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The remuneration model we generally apply constitutes 10% of the annual gross salary, for which we provide a 3-month guarantee. This means that our placement fee amounts to 10% of the selected individual's annual gross salary, with a guaranteed period of 3 months.

(Note: The remuneration model may vary based on the position and level of difficulty.)


We prioritize meeting the unique needs of our clients. We understand that each company has different goals, market positions, and resources. Therefore, our service prices are determined based on individual quotes, taking into account your specific expectations and requirements. This ensures that each of our services fits optimally with your business's unique needs and budget.

Logo and Branding:

Creation of a unique, easily recognizable, and memorable logo and brand identity that perfectly aligns with your company's values and target audience.

Price: Request a customized quote.

Content Creation:

Professional content creation, including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and social media posts, to introduce your company, expertise, and products or services to your target audience.

Price: Request a customized quote.

Web Design and Development:

User-friendly website design and development that adapts to changing technologies and is optimized for search engines.

Price: Request a customized quote.

Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns:

Planning and execution of campaigns across online and offline channels, including email marketing, PPC advertising, sponsorship opportunities, and events, in line with your company's overall marketing strategy and message.

Price: Request a customized quote.

Social Media Management:

Active management of social media platforms, regular posting, and engaging with customers on various platforms.

Price: Request a customized quote."

Innovative HR and employment consulting

The consulting services we provide go far beyond traditional methods. Through our innovative approaches, we offer personalized solutions tailored to the modern business environment. Our services flexibly adapt to the unique needs and challenges of every business.


Hourly rates are based on professional experience, extensive knowledge, and close collaboration with clients. Our prices reflect the high level of expertise and commitment we offer in the field of labor consultancy.


Expert Consultation: 80 Euros per hour

Software and WEB development

Hourly Rate-Based Service: If you have a rough idea of the duration or scope of the service you need, you can choose the hourly rate-based option. In this case, we determine the work hours and the associated costs.

Basic-level developments: Between 20-40 Euros per hour.

Experienced-level developments: Between 40-100 Euros per hour.

Expert or high-level developments: Above 100 Euros per hour.

Personal Consultation and Custom Quote: Since every business has different and unique needs, we recommend a personal consultation for the best results. This allows us to understand your expectations and offer customized solutions.

The quote is prepared afterward, taking into account the specific factors that matter to you.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation and choose the pricing model that suits you best. Our goal is to fully meet your needs and expectations in every case.

Financial Return

The return on labor mediation.

  1. Placing a job advertisement on well-known job search websites costs at least 500 EUR.

  2. On average, a business spends between 100 to 500 EUR per month on advertising on social media platforms.

  3. How much does it cost to create a professional video advertisement that truly resonates with job seekers?

  4. What is the cost of your or your colleagues' time when managing advertisements, making phone calls, maintaining contacts, pre-screening, and organizing?

  5. Let's not forget about the cost of missed opportunities (opportunity cost), which could have been realized in other profit-generating activities during that time.

  6. Who takes responsibility for guarantees?


The return on investment in temporary staffing

  1. Flexibility:

    • Hourly Rate Model: Provides flexible access to the necessary workforce, and payment is only required for the hours actually worked. Businesses don't have to constantly deal with employee headcount, allowing for easy adaptation to changing needs.

  2. Cost Control:

    • Commission-Based Model: Businesses can determine the salaries and benefits of employees while maintaining control over costs. Based on commission, costs are directly related to the performance of employees, enabling effective cost management.

  3. Stable Costs:

    • Monthly Fee Model: The predictable monthly fee allows businesses to anticipate stable costs. It is an ideal choice for long-term, constant workforce needs, as there will be no unexpected expenses, and the budget can be easily planned.

  4. Utilizing Expertise:

    • In all three models, the staffing agency is responsible for recruitment, selection, and screening. This allows businesses to access expert services without directly participating in the process. Staffing agencies have extensive experience in the labor market, which businesses can leverage.

  5. Time and Resource Savings:

    • Outsourcing temporary staffing reduces the administrative burdens on businesses. They don't have to deal with recruitment, selection, and screening processes, leaving more time and resources for other crucial business activities.

  6. Quick Responsiveness:

    • Staffing models enable quick response to market changes and immediate fulfillment of workforce needs. This is particularly crucial in industries where changes are frequent and rapid.

Through these advantages, staffing models can help businesses efficiently manage their workforce needs, optimize costs, and enhance flexibility in a dynamic business environment.

The return on investment for innovative labor consulting.

The proactive approach of innovative labor consulting allows for anticipating and preventing problems. This can contribute to businesses not only reacting to existing situations but also planning ahead and optimizing their business processes.

Our services adapt flexibly to the unique needs and challenges of every business, enabling the achievement of optimal efficiency.

The Return on Investment in Software and Web Development.

  1. More Efficient Workflow:

    • Optimized software and processes allow businesses to execute their workflows more efficiently and quickly. Automated systems reduce the need for manual work, enabling employees to dedicate more time to strategic tasks and value-added activities.

  2. Elimination of Paperwork:

    • If software optimization includes the complete or partial elimination of paperwork, it results in significant time and cost savings. Electronic documentation and processes are faster, more traceable, and manageable, enhancing transparency and reducing administrative burdens.

  3. Faster Decision-Making:

    • Optimized processes and systems facilitate faster decision-making. Data and information are easily accessible and up-to-date, enabling leaders to respond more quickly and informedly to market changes or unexpected situations.

  4. Better Resource Utilization:

    • Human resources are freed up as automated processes or software take over routine, time-consuming tasks. Employees can be reassigned to higher-level, strategic, and creative tasks, resulting in greater value creation for the business.

  5. Cost and Time Savings:

    • Through optimized processes, businesses can save costs by reducing administrative expenses, costs arising from human errors, and expenses related to paper and other office supplies. Time savings directly contribute to more efficient operations and quick returns on investment.

  6. Improved Customer Experience:

    • Optimized software allows businesses to serve customers more quickly and accurately. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can positively impact the business's revenue in the long run.

The liberation of human resources resulting from optimized software and processes not only contributes to increased efficiency for rapid returns on investment but also enhances overall company performance and value creation.

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