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About Us

Image by Thorsteinn Svavarsson

So it all began.

2022 was the year of the founding of the GLOBEFOX company in Bratislava.

This year, three dedicated entrepreneurial founder members, a programmer, an international lawyer and a marketer joined forces after many discussions to create something truly special.

Each of them shone as a recognized expert in their field.

This small, but all the more passionate team unitedly believed that business should not only bring profit, but also contribute to the sustainable development of society, the environment and people.

This is how GLOBEFOX was born, a company that not only provides services, but also has a real mission.

A lawyer who leads the legal line of the business in the name of justice and fairness. Not only is he excellent at understanding and respecting the law, but he also serves as a moral compass that always points in the direction of truth and decency. He is not just a lawyer, but an ethical thinker who is always at the service of human rights and legality.


A marketer who prioritizes values and human relationships.

He not only knows market trends, but also sees into people's hearts. He is able to understand the world of emotions and values, and he is able to not only sell a product or service, but to bring it to people's hearts.

Through her deep understanding and empathy in relationships, she is able to build genuine and lasting relationships with clients.


And the programmer is a genius of creativity and innovation, who is always looking for new ways and solutions.

For him, codes and algorithms are not only work, but a way of life. Always driven by a passion for new technologies, he is always looking for solutions that are both efficient and creative. He is the wizard of the digital world, always working to make technology serve humanity.

These three founding members decided to combine their knowledge and resources to create a company that stands not only for economic success, but also for human values and social responsibility.

GLOBEFOX is not just a company, but a community where business innovation and social development meet. This year was a year of unity and momentum, which has led our company ever since to new challenges and opportunities, always in the direction of excellence, integrity and commitment.

In life, we often meet talented people who excel in their fields. However, something truly special and rare happens, passionate, dedicated individuals with different professional backgrounds meet who are not only excellent in their respective fields, but open up a whole new dimension through their collaboration. Such encounters are truly rare gems in life, where the combination of individual skills and strengths creates a dynamic that transcends everyday experience.

When different talents come together, it creates a creative, ethical and technically sound environment that revolutionizes the approaches that businesses usually take in all fields. This special dynamic arises not only from the diversity of knowledge and skills, but also from mutual respect, the ability to cooperate and commitment.


Such  teams  they also set an example that encourages people to believe in their own abilities and dare to dream big. These meetings show that the possibilities are limitless when people come together and work dedicatedly to achieve a common goal. 

Since we started our journey, several outstanding and dedicated individuals have joined our team, who also believe in the power of diversity and the dynamics of collaboration to achieve real miracles. The new members who joined us not only brought new perspectives and innovative ideas on a professional level, but joined our common mission wholeheartedly.

This strengthening not only made the company stronger, but also broadened the options we can offer our customers. The creativity, commitment and passion with which each of our team members work towards the company has contributed to a dynamic that drives innovation and outstanding service.

As more and more talented and inspiring professionals join us, the GLOBEFOX community continues to grow stronger. We all collaborate and support each other, and it is our shared commitment that allows us to build truly deep and long-term relationships with our clients. In the future, we will continue our dedicated work in the spirit of inspiration, quality and sustainability, as we believe that a strong and cohesive team can achieve anything."

We connect talent with opportunity.

Image by Lukáš Kulla

Company Introduction Presentation

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