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1. Modern Technology in Everyday Work

At GLOBEFOX, there's no need for unnecessary paperwork. All our administrative tasks are automated. This is not only environmentally friendly but results in more efficient and stress-free processes.

Our system allows us to filter the list of applicants coming from advertisements. This can increase the chances of finding the right employees by up to 80%, speeding up and optimizing the recruitment process.

Our automated system provides real-time information to our clients. With instant SMS and email notifications, they can see the status and arrival of candidates. This keeps everyone involved up-to-date on current proceedings, minimizing time waste and uncertainty, and maximizing efficiency for both clients and employees.

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2. Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

At GLOBEFOX, employees have the opportunity to choose flexible working hours.

Recognizing the benefits of remote work, our company provides the option for home office.

Our modern technologies allow our colleagues to access data and information from anywhere, anytime, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

Our company is committed to maintaining a work-life balance as we believe this approach contributes to both employee satisfaction and corporate success.

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Professional Challenges and Development Opportunities


At GLOBEFOX, our employees have the opportunity to participate in various projects, spanning a wide range of industries and business areas. This ensures professional diversity and challenges.

Regular training sessions and development programs are available to equip each colleague with the latest professional knowledge and continuously enhance their skills.

Clear career paths are provided for every position.

The complexity and diversity of projects guarantee that we offer enough challenges for every employee. This provides continuous opportunities for solving new problems and acquiring new skills.

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4.Team and Community

At GLOBEFOX, we highly value cohesive team dynamics. Strong relationships and collaboration among colleagues form the basis for successful projects and a positive work environment.

We conduct continuous professional team-building training sessions and workshops that enhance communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and conflict resolution methods.

We encourage transparent and proactive communication to ensure the team is always informed about project developments and any potential changes.

Our team is not just a simple workplace community but an association that unites, supports, and collaboratively works towards success.


5. Commitment to Talent

We recognize the outstanding performance of our talented colleagues through various recognition programs. This allows them to feel appreciation and value for their work.

Providing continuous development programs for our talented employees is of utmost importance. Through these programs, they have the opportunity to expand their skills and specialization.

Actively seeking and supporting talented individuals within the company and the broader professional community is part of our commitment.

Our commitment to talent also involves supporting their professional and personal development. We create personalized plans, taking into account individual goals and ambitions.

Our commitment to talent is not just an internal value but a driving force for innovation and corporate growth. Our goal is for every talent to find their place, develop, and contribute to collective success.

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6. Outstanding Earning Opportunities

The philosophy at GLOBEFOX is that our employees need not only a stable and satisfying salary but genuinely outstanding earning opportunities. To achieve this, we offer a compensation structure where there is no upper limit, and the path to financial success is open for talented and dedicated employees.

Additional benefits and premiums serve as additional incentives for achieving exceptional performance, contributing to the financial well-being of our employees.

Our income opportunities help employees achieve their professional and personal goals, thereby contributing to the improvement of their overall quality of life. Financial stability and a balanced financial situation are crucial factors in achieving employee happiness and satisfaction.

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7. Marketing Support on Social Media Platforms

At GLOBEFOX, it's not just about workforce mediation; it's also about helping our colleagues present themselves more effectively and attractively in the digital space.

Our experienced creative team provides professional video and image creation for our employees. We create introductory videos, visual CVs, and other content that aids the workforce mediation process.

Professional social media management, including post planning, scheduling, and handling interactions. This allows our employees to focus entirely on the needs of our partners without worrying about social media tasks.

Throughout our collaboration, we strive to ensure that our colleagues can showcase projects in the best possible way in the digital space, contributing to their participation in the workforce mediation process.

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8. Legal Background and Support

At GLOBEFOX, we are committed to providing every employee with the necessary legal background and support, especially in the case of international work.

Our experienced legal experts have in-depth knowledge of international labor law. This helps our employees understand and comply with local and international labor regulations.

We aim to ensure that all our colleagues receive legal support and protection, with special attention to the challenges that may arise during international work.

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9. Automated Invoicing and Administration

Our modern and efficient invoicing system enables swift and accurate billing. Automated processes reduce the risk of human error and ensure the smooth execution of financial transactions.

To alleviate administrative burdens, we implement automated tools. This allows our employees to perform administrative tasks more quickly and efficiently.

The introduction of automated invoicing and administrative processes not only results in more efficient work but also significantly contributes to reducing stress in the lives of our colleagues. Automating daily routine tasks helps avoid unnecessary mental strain often associated with repetitive duties.

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10. Problem-solving in Every Area

At GLOBEFOX, problem-solving is of paramount importance in every area, and we are committed to supporting our employees in every challenge.

Our commitment lies in proactively addressing emerging issues. We work towards finding solutions before they become critical.

We believe in teamwork and encourage our employees to collaborate and find common solutions. Aligning different perspectives and skills helps us in more effective problem-solving.

Provide every tool and support necessary for successful problem-solving, fostering productive and balanced work performance.

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