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International Workforce & Marketing Agency


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Who we are?

We are much more than an ordinary workforce agency:

We are much more than an ordinary workforce agency:

We are the drivers of innovation, commitment and results. Using advanced technology and AI supported intra and extra-firm processes on a daily basis allows us to guarantee simpler and affordable services, thus yielding more efficient transactions to all parties.

Our system is fully automated, diminishing the need for manual paperwork or time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing our colleagues to focus 100% on the requests, preferences and ideas of our customers.

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4 convincing facts, why GLOBEFOX

Artificial Intelligence

The AI algorithms of Globefox analyze the list of incoming applicants, creating an extensive set of data, and selecting the most suitable candidates for the given position. Thanks to these algorithms, the chance of Globeofx finding the best candidates first among its competitors is increased by 85%, leading to quick and effective recruitment.

Cost effectiveness

Our technological set up enables a rapid flow of information and a reduction in the manual work requiring human power, allowing our prices to remain more competitive and cost-effective.

(Please see our prices below)

Real-time information

Thanks to our automated system, our clients always receive up-to-date, real-time SMS and e-mail messages about the status and arrival of the candidates, so all participants are always aware of the most recent state of events, thus minimizing the loss of time and uncertainty.


Possessing more than 10 years of experience in marketing, programming, and the providing of HR services awards us with stability and a capability to only provide services of value. Our marketing strategy specialises in videography and personalised campaigns, reaching a very wide spectrum of viewers daily.

The process of our cooperation


Assessing the exact requirements of the  company

With the help of a form - requiring approximately 5 minutes to fill, we assess our partner's exact needs for the required workforce. We thoroughly go over which professional, language, and educational criteria the new employee must meet in order to become a valuable element of the Client's company.



After filling out the form, our system will automatically send the proposed contract to the e-mail address you provided,  which you can easily sign electronically.


Advertising, Marketing Commando

After signing the contract, Globefox embarks on the advertising journey. We create campaigns that are unique, modern, attractive and trend-conforming in order to stand out from the abundance of ads, which - on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other current platforms - attract a lot of interest and clicks. In addition, we are very active on the majority of job portals and have built our own internal system used for the storage and categorisation of our offers and applicants.

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Shortlisting of the applicants

Our system evaluates the incoming applications and sets up an individual sequence based on their suitability which our recruiters will make use of in order to process the huge set of data faster and more cost efficiently.



Our colleagues select the best candidates and our system automatically sends the employee's CV and date of arrival to the email address of the partner - allowing them to prepare for the incoming candidates.

At the same time, the selected candidate will also receive an SMS message and an E-mail about where and when the job interview will be taking place with a GPS link, and the contact information of the person that will be awaiting them. Furthermore, on the day before the job interview and on the due date, our system also sends an automatic reminder message, which increases the chance of the employee arriving by 70%.


Your candidate arrives

The partner will assess the suitability of the candidate in person.  


Your invoice will be created automatically

In case of the candidate being successful, the partner lets us know that a contract has been signed with their new employee, prompting our system to  prepare the first invoice - 50% of the fee, and sends it to the partner. The invoice for the second half of the agreed fee will be recieved after the end of the warranty period. (100% SUCCESS BASED FEE)



It is our desire to only provide value to our partners, and thus guarantee that they will only be charged in case their company is enriched by the desired workforce. This means that in case the newly employed candidate will be let go within the period of warranty, Globefox will replace them, free of charge. If this does not happen due to the partner changing their mind, Globefox will  refund your money.

Our Partners

schatzhaz logo.png
Geniusdent Fogászat
Rajka Kúria Restaurant
Verarbeiten Pausits Kft. Acélszerkezet gyártás
Princess Palace Golf
Per-Kor kereskedőház
NiroKing kerítés Kapu
Uni-Szolg Kft kerítés Kapu
Dynaloop szoftverfejlesztés
Freshpoint mosoda
Organo-Pet Húsipar
IT szektor
Workstay Munkaerő-Kölcsönzés

Rólunk mondták

The Labor Mediation service they offer is not only effective but also outstanding due to their professional expertise and customer-oriented approach. Through their prompt response to emerging questions and their professional advice, we felt like genuine partners with them.
Cintia HR

Horváth Cintia

Freshpoint Kft.

Their Labor Mediation Service was a real help for us. Through their flexible and efficient approach, we managed to quickly find the professionals that suited our needs. Their dedicated HR team was always available and helpful throughout the entire process.
Varga Gábor

Varga Gábor

Motim Kádkő Zrt.

I found the ideal job directly with them in Hungary, where I can fully utilize my professional experience and skills. Their dedicated HR team was helpful every step of the way, providing immediate support during the successful job interview. I am grateful to have found them, and now I am happily and balancedly working at my dream workplace.

Németh Martin

Property Lease Kft



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